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Recent Events & Media Placements


Book Launch and Tour in April for "Faraway: A Suburban Boy's Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking"

faraway-fnl cover design cropped   April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and RMA Publicity is helping get the word out about a new effort to help an underserved segment of the population of victims: boys. 

   Rev. Kevin Kline, who was himself a victim of trafficking in his youth, is working to create resources that will help male victims. It’s a cause near and dear to his heart.

   When Rev. Kline was 14-years-old in the summer of 1975, a friend from school who, like him was gay, hand delivered him to a pimp who coerced him into servicing men in St. Louis. For 3-months he had sex with men for money, afterwards, returning to his suburban home. His parents had no idea what was going on. 

   The trafficking went on all summer long. Kline says he eventually stopped returning his pimp's calls after two friends he made on the streets, fellow trafficking victims, both died. One was hit by a van. The other died of exposure. 

   Kline tried to put what happened behind him, and did a pretty good job of it for 30 years. Then one day he was mugged and all the terrible feelings about what had happened came flooding back.

   His psychologist encouraged him to journal about his feelings and that journal eventually turned into the book, Faraway: A Suburban Boy's Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking. Kline’s co-author is  Dan Maurer, who specializes in telling transformative stories under the Dan the Story Man brand. Maurer is also the author of Sobriety: A Graphic Novel, which explains  the 12-step recovery process through comics.

   A book tour has been planned to promote both books in April, which coincidentally is also national Alcohol Awareness Month. Several media placements have already been secured. On Sat., April 11, Kline will share his story on KSTP’s 8 a.m. show. He will be on News and Views with Roshini Radjkumar on Sun., April 12; and the Minnesota tour to promote the book kicks off on April 14.

   Click here for tour details. 

 Learn more about Faraway: A Suburban Boy's Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking at www.faraway-book.com. More information about Sobriety: A Graphic Novel can be found at www.danthestoryman.com.

The Facebook Page for Glaser's "Full Heart Living" Goes Live on the International Day of Happiness - March 20

Ful Heart Living Book Cover   

   Friday, March 20 is the International Day of Happiness…. the perfect time to announce the pending publication of Minnesota author Tom Glaser's new book, Full Heart Living.  The book highlights stories about some of the happiest people Tom knows. In the text he shares insights into what it took to make this collection of people happy, and what readers can learn from them.

   Full Heart Living is in the editing process now and is tentatively scheduled for release in Oct. 2015. Keep up to date on the book's progress by liking the page, www.facebook.com/fullheartliving.

Article About "Mommy Are We Rich?" Published in Palm Beach Daily News on March 22

Palm Beach Daily News    When it comes to selling books, audience targeting is critical. Congratulations to Barbara R. Hauser and Suzy Peterfriend, authors, Mommy Are We Rich? Talking to Children About Family Money. 

   RMA Publicity was able to secure a placement fior them in The Palm Beach Daily News, the newspaper the majority of residents on the wealthy island of Palm Beach, Fla. subscribe to for news and information. 


Launch Party Held for Munkeby's "Back to the Island"

Back to the island launch party small   A great crowd turned out for the launch party for Tim Munkeby's debut novel, Back to the Island. The party was held at the American Legion in Hopkins, Minn. on March 19.

  Back to the Island follows the misadventures of Mikael Mulcahy, whose grief over the death of his wife and child lead him to a hillside cottage in the Bahamas. What follows, in addition to a few 'pokes' at things that need poking, is a rollercoaster series of shootings, mistaken identities, surprise reunions, and romances that are anything but traditional.

   If you couldn't make it to the party and want to pick up a copy, they are available for purchase at www.timmunkeby.com.




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