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Recent Events & Media Placements


Summertime Midwest Book Tour for "Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season" Kicks off on July 11

Drop the Puck cover small   Hockey season may be several months away, but there is reason for kids throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin to celebrate the sport in July and August. Jayne Jones, the author of Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season is going on a Midwest tour to promote her book. The tour kicks off on July 11.

   Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season is an early reader chapter book that is scoring hat tricks for its ability to help young readers score goals. The book tells the story of two brothers, Blaine and Cullen. On and off the ice, they have a deep love for the game and also each other! Cullen is the all-star team captain, but his brother, team manager Blaine, who has Down syndrome, is clearly the unsung hero of the team.

   A number of hockey professionals have endorsed the book, including former NHL player and General Manager Lou Nanne, who said, "Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season will make kids laugh, think and appreciate little victories."  Joe Pavelski, alternate captain for the San Josw Sharks said, "Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season is bound to make young readers laugh, think and find a new love for the game and reading!"

Here are details about her upcoming tour:

July 11, Volume One and the Local Store, Eau Claire, Wisc.
July 11, Northwind Book and Fiber, Spooner, Wisc.
July 18 Book World Hayward. Wisc.
July 22 B&N Rochester, MN
July 22 B&N Eden Prairie, MN
July 23 Book World Baxter, MN
July24 Book World Detroit Lakes, MN
July 24 Sister Wolf Bookstore, Park Rapids, MN
July 24 Book World Bemidji, MN
July 25 Village Books Grand Rapids, MN
July 25 USA Hockey Hall of Fame, Eveleth, MN
August 27 B&N St Cloud, MN
August 27 B&N Edina Galleria, MN

Learn more about the book at www.officialadventures.org.

Minnesota Author Interviewed on the Nationally Syndicated Bev Smith Radio Show on July 1

les-lester 33   Les Lester, author, The Awakening of Khufu, was interviewed on the nationally syndicated Bev Smith Show on July 1. He discussed  the complaint he just filed with the F.C.C He is protesting the upcoming Spike TV movie, "Tut."

   The movie portrays King Tut and his menagerie as white people, but King Tut was black. Lester says the continued assault on black history is confusing to the children, and he wants today's youth to know the black people were not just slaves, but have a history of being princes and princesses.

   Learn more about Lester's book, in which an ancient black pharaoh from the 4th Dynasty is brought back to life in modern times, as well as his protest, at www.leslester.blogspot.com


'89 Walls Author Interviewed on WCCO Radio on July 3

Katie Pierson   Katie Pierson of Minnetonka was 20 years old in 1989 when the  Supreme Court’s Webster v. Reproductive Health Services decision weakened the Roe v. Wade decision, allowing states to restrict abortion before the point of viability.

   "At the time I was volunteering as an abortion counselor at the Planned Parenthood affiliate in downtown Philadelphia. This was before the Freedom of Access to Clinics Act. I was already spending every Saturday pushing through hostile, screaming crowds to help my patients get in the building. Webster felt like a huge betrayal.”

   Last month Pierson released a young adult novel titled '89 Walls that addresses not only abortion, but some of the other major issues of the 1980s as well. 
    On July 3, the anniversary of the Webster decision, Pierson shared her views on the decision with Jordana Green on WCCO Radio/Minneapolis. Pierson and Green discussed what the decision meant to her, as well as how it served as inspiration for '89 Walls, her new novel that was just released last montth. 
   Learn more about the book at www.katiepierson.net
"Sobriety: A Graphic Novel" Featured in MinnPost

Sobriety A Graphic Novel   Congratulations to Dan Maurer, author, Sobriety: A Graphic Novel.  MinnPost reporter Adam Wahlberg just posted a very detailed story he wrote about the book. The article, "Why couldn't you do a graphic novel about sobriety? You could and he did," is live online now.

   Learn more about Sobriety: A Graphic Novel on the publisher's website, www.hazeldonpublishing.org. 





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