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   Not too long ago, now 14-year-old Kayla Jarppi of Hudson was struggling with depression and anxiety. As part of her therapy, her counselor encouraged her to write. The thoughts she put down on paper eventually turned into a novel about a young girl dealing with mental illness and struggles of her own that was so well written, it has now been published.   

   Heaven's Note is the story of a a young girl who is abused at home and tries to cover it up to protect her parents, particularly her mother who is also abused. When her mother is murdered, and her stepfather put in jail for the crime he allegedly committed, the protagonist is sent off to a group home where her troubles continue. She eventually decides to run away, and learns the hard way that running from your problems is no way to solve them. The book is officially launching on Sat., July 21 at Chapter 2 Books in Hudson, Wisc. The event begins at 2 p.m.       
   According to Jarppi, "The struggles I tackled in the book all lead into a path of recovery in the end. I had to learn about recovery and truly understand it before I could write this book. Honestly, I learned about recovery the hardest way- by needing it, but also in an amazing way by going through recovery. With all of my struggles- I needed help, like anyone in a mental health crisis or struggling with mental health do need. Thankfully I was able to reach out to people, my family and teachers at school and they led me to a path of recovery and to being healthy.”   
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