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   With all the mass shootings in this country lately, there has been a lot of attention on mental illness as the likely cause; but not many people have talked about the possible origins of the crises. It is likely that many of the offenders had recognizable issues all the way back in their early childhoods.
   Tressa Reisetter, Ph.D., a Twin Cities neuropsychologist, points out that when a child acts out, it isn’t necessarily to upset their caregivers or even to get attention, but because there is something going on in their brain neither of you understand.
   “Sometimes kids just explode and people don’t know why. Sometimes it’s because they don’t get enough sleep. Sometimes it’s because they are not eating the right diet. There is an intimate relationship between nutrition and mental health,” says Reisetter, who adds that positivity also plays a role.
   To help clear up the confusion a lot of people have about child behavior, Dr. Reisetter has written the book, Getting to Know Your Child’s Brain, released earlier this year by Calumet Editions of Edina, Minn.
   A story about the book is in the Dec. 20 issue of the Press & News newspaper. Dr. Reisetter was also interviewed on WCCO Radio in Minneapolis about her book in the on Nov. 27.
   Learn more about the book online at   

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