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   Human beings are very social animals, but right now we’re being urged to distance ourselves from others in the interest of stopping the spread of COVID-19. For many, this “distancing” is causing a sense of isolation. Rather than going to work or school every day, people are stuck at home for the foreseeable future. 

   Relationship Expert Dr. Van of Minneapolis was interviwed on WDPN-AM in Cleveland, Ohio on Mar. 31. He discussed how to maintain a healthy relationship with family and friends while in isolation, and also how to use the downtime caused by COVID-19 to invest in your health, self-improvement and personal growth.

   Since beginning his leadership consultancy in 2015, Dr. Van has worked with numerous individuals in corporate, nonprofit, religious, education, sports, and entertainment worlds. Dr. Van is also a twice published author. His first book, "Power: Its Variants and Ambivalence," in which he articulates how leaders and individuals can leverage positive power to achieve their personal and professional goals, came out in 2019. It was followed in early 2020 by "Solid Relationships: Everything You Need to Know About Building Great Relationships in All Aspects of Life," the most succinct, comprehensive and precise book ever written on relationships which went on to become an Amazon Bestseller.
   Dr. Van is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and offers one-on-one or group coaching sessions that can help people in the areas of leadership and building relationships. Learn more about his services at

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