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    The Black Lives Matter campaign has brought to the forefront an issue educators have struggled with for a long time—how to do a better job of teaching black and brown children, many of whom have a hard time relating to the accomplishments of white people that are taught about in school. Sandra Brown-Lindstedt, who grew up on the streets of Chicago, says the answer is to teach kids about the accomplishments of people they can relate to. 

   “As a young girl, I couldn’t really relate to the success stories I read about in books,” she says. “The only success stories I saw growing up in Chicago were the pimps and the girls who worked for them. They had on the nice clothes. They had the nice cars.”

   Now 66, Brown-Lindstedt is hoping to inspire future generations of children to achieve great things by sharing her story through the new children’s book, Life of a Firefly: The Incredible Adventures and Mostly True Stories of Sandy Forte. 

   In her review of the book, Megan B. Joseph, MHA, said, “This was a beautiful tale that will remind children that no matter how bleak a situation may look, a little faith, or a firefly, can take them a long way. This book needs to be in every elementary and middle school library! Not only does it give black children a chance to read books with strong characters who look like them, it helps to humanize the black community to those outside of it. Well done!”

   Life of a Firefly: The Incredible Adventures and Mostly True Stories of Sandy Forte is available in both paperback and Kindle formats through The eBook is available in other formats as well. A portion of the proceeds from all book sales is being donated to the Mom and Baby Clinic charity in Uganda, a cause the author supports.

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