(Deephaven, Minn.) - How do you go from being an underachiever to making something of yourself? A Minnesota man who learned that lesson the hard way says the key is to focus on the needs others.

“In business and in life I maintain we’re all in the service business and if you focus on what others need, you’re going to be successful,” says Rob Severson of Deephaven, Minn.

Severson credits life with giving him the kick he needed to get on track. When his daughter was six months old he got fired from my first job as an accountant. “I was told I may want to consider another field because I obviously hadn’t  studied very hard in college and didn’t know much about my profession. That was a wakeup call for me,” he says.

When he got his next job – at Northwestern National Bank in Minneapolis – Severson was bound and determined to succeed. He passed the CPA exam, worked his way up from auditor to president of one of the bank’s subsidiaries before leaving in 1990 and starting  his own consulting business where he specializes in helping people obtain financing solutions for their business. He is also an accomplished speaker.

Among the topics he speaks on, the key to building successful relationships, how to love your job and make a living and how to find inner peace. These topics are expanded upon in Connecting Peace, Purpose and Prosperity, a book Severson wrote to share his ideas with others. “The reason I wrote this book is the same thing I see happening on the  Occupy Wall Street protests today.  Folks are frustrated and want things to change,” says Severson who blames a lot of the problems our nation is experiencing on attitudes. He says in order to be successful today’s workers must be competitive and market driven.

“A team can’t win unless it has all winners. That’s kind of my philosophy. Our country will do better if we’re all willing to find opportunities and do whatever it takes to succeed,” says Severson, who has shared this insight with students at Harmony Learning Center, an alternative learning education program in Maplewood, Minn., on several occasions. He came to the school at the invitation of teacher David Ettesvold.

“The message of making positive relationships, practicing better work ethics and management of money are needed for our youth.  Rob has been very open to our students with his personal message and is able to drive home the message of spirituality without the confusing messages of religion.  He has made a positive impact on our students.”

To invite Rob Severson to speak to your school or organization, log on to and click on the link that says, “I am available to speak to your organization.” Copies of Connecting Peace, Purpose and Prosperity are also available via the website. The book sells for $11.95.

To request a review copy or more information about Rob Severson’s services, contact Rachel M. Anderson, Publicist, at 952-240-2513 or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..