(Austin, TX) – When  Lee Klancher, publisher of Austin-based Octane Press took on the title, Forward The First American Unsupported Expedition to the North Pole, he knew he had a winner. Now he has confirmation.

The book won national recognition the evening of June 4, 2012. It is the winner in the Sports & Recreation category of the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards competition. The national competition recognizes excellence in independent publishing. Publisher Lee Klancher accepted the prize during a special ceremony at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, in the heart of Times Square.

Forward is the story of two seasoned adventurers with their sights set on one goal: to travel under their own power to the North Pole without resupply. If they succeeded, they’d be the first Americans to do so.

Over a period of nearly two months, John Huston on Evanston, Ill., and Tyler Fish of Ely, Minn., skied more than 500 miles, hauling sleds that contained everything they needed to survive. They maneuvered their 300-pound loads through punishing rubble fields and swam across stretches of open water. To fuel their bodies and fight back the cold, each consumed more than 7,000 calories per day, downing deep-fried bacon, chunks of butter, and fat-laden pemmican stew.

The book provides first hand insight into the lifestyle of a modern polar explorer, physical and mental training and preparation, sea ice dynamics and climate change. T

he book is richly illustrated with photos, maps and charts.
“Once I met John, I could see that he was approaching the book with the same intensity and focus he and Tyler used on their expedition. That appealed to me, as I believed we would have no choice but to create a great book.”
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