Seasons of Desire coverThe launch party for "Seasons of Desire," Evelyn D. Klein's third book including poetry essays and her own art has now been scheduled.  Here are the details:


The Publication Reading, Exhibit and Gala Party~  Friday, September 14, 7:00 p.m.

The Loft Literary Center

Open Book Performance Hall

Suite 200, Open Book

1011 Washington Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN  55415



* Admission is free. 


Seasons of Desire traces the stages of our lives as they unfold and focuses on the fact that it is never too late to follow one’s dreams, to realize one’s potential, giving true meaning to the expression life-long learning and the realization of new goals and dreams.


Among the testimonials offered for the book, Tricia Ells, President of the Minnesota Jung Association says:  “This unique compilation of poetry, prose and artwork is the result of the author’s pursuit of both the outer and inner meanings of life…  In joining this inner motivation with her rich perceptions stemming from her roles of teacher, mother, wife, and artist, she has put together this delightful book describing her journey.”


The Reverend David A. Van Dyke, Ph. D. has this to say about the book:  "With a keen awareness of the internal and external seasons encompassing her own life, Evelyn Klein takes the reader on a heartfelt, poetic journey inviting us along the way to ponder our own lives, thereby discovering within ourselves the rhythms and patterns of the seasons through which we are all passing."


To arrange a book discussion or reading, program or workshop for your organization, group or convention, contact Evelyn Klein at 651-739-3216 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Choose from programs and workshops below or request your own on a topic of your preference.  Books are available from author at events.