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   One of the best ways to help your book get discovered is to get it onto the shelves at your local bookstore.  Jamie Stoudt's Back Again just came out in January, and it is already being featured at Valley Booksellers in Stillwater. 
  The story begins outside Michael’s workplace where Wendy is waiting for him as if nothing has happened. All kinds of things go through Michael’s head, but he decides to accept Wendy’s return and bring her back home anyway; and then the adventure begins. “Turns out she has some unfinished business on Planet Earth,” says Stoudt, who goes on to explain his character has some lofty goals. “She wants to achieve things people have been trying to do for years, but been unsuccessful at.”

   The first task she wants to tackle is convincing clergy from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths to work together towards a breakthrough that has eluded the religious communities for generations. Next, she takes on the task of trying to convince a branch of the U.S. Military to turn an aircraft carrier from a vessel of destruction into one with a humanitarian mission. As if that’s not enough progress for humanity, she also attempts to help society take a major step towards reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. 

   “My overriding thought process in the book was to take a look at what causes war: religious intolerance, our insatiable need for more energy, militarization that requires counter- militarization and of course wacko dictators. I also wanted to explore what we might do about that. I hope I have created a positive, uplifting story where people see that yes things can get better,” says Stoudt.
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