Now that your book has been out for a while, it may seem like the honeymoon is over, but it doesn’t have to be. I have several clients who are selling more books now than they did when they first started out. So what are they doing that you’re not? They’re focusing their attention on the people who are most likely to be interested in their book through niche marketing. Here are five tips for making it work for you:


1. Look for opportunities to target your desired audience

Instead of continuing to only set up book signings at stores and libraries, look for opportunities to share your book with an audience you know will really enjoy it. If you’ve written a children’s book, you should be spending a significant amount of time reaching out to local preschools and daycares. If you have a memoir about your battle with breast cancer, reach out to local support groups and ask if they have a need for speakers. Authors of business books should be targeting human resource departments at large companies as well as rotary clubs and chambers of commerce.


2. Start blogging.

One of the easiest ways to build a fan base is by blogging on the topic you know and love. The best thing about blogs is they attract people you know will be interested in the topic you have written about. Hopefully after getting to know you through your blog, readers will want to buy your book.

There are several ways to add a blog to your existing website. The most common tools to use include Blogger, Wordpress and Typepad.


3. Enlist the media’s help.
The media can be an invaluable resource in your effort to boost book sales. Reporters and assignment editors are always looking for experts on topics they are reporting on, and if you make it known that you’re willing to be interviewed, chances are good you’ll eventually get a call.

Just remember, the fact that you have written a book is not necessarily the news. When pitching the media, the focus needs to be on how a story about you can benefit the audience.

If you’re struggling to come up with the hook that will get media attention, you may want to consider hiring a publicist to pitch your story.


4. Hand out promotional materials.

Noone knows a book better than its author, so it goes without saying that the person who wrote the book will be its best promoter. Make a point of mentioning your book to someone new at least once a day. Some other easy ways to keep it top-of-mind:

* Put up promotional flyers on community bulletin boards.

* Have some pens or note pads made that advertise the book’s title and website, and leave these marketing tools in public places where people are sure to see them.


5. Advertise on Facebook

If you don’t already have a presence on Facebook, get one. It’s easy to set up a fan page for your book, and because so many people are using the social networking tool every day --- there are 500 million active users according to Facebook – chances are good you will reach your target audience here.

To drive traffic to your page, it’s a good idea to invest a little money in Facebook ads. One of the best things about this advertising vehicle is that you have the ability to select who sees your ad using a number of variables, including age, gender, education and those all important keywords.


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