By Rachel M. Anderson, Contributing Writer

   (Minneapolis, MN) – How do you feel about what is happening in this country right now? Have you taken sides on the issues, or are you feeling a bit uncertain? It seems a lot of people aren’t so sure how to answer that question right now.

   Executive coach Melissa Albers says that is because most of the time people are in a reactive state. “They are reacting to what is going on around them; and in a reactive state you are not able to be fully present about what you want,” she says.

   Albers’ friend and business partner JJ Parker agrees. “I think most people are on auto pilot. They just interact with the world. They will have reactions to things and it all kind of happens. They don’t really take the time to stop, think, and feel,” he says.

In other words, a lot of people don’t have self-awareness, which is the conscious awareness in the moment of what they are really feeling. But thanks to Albers and her business partner, JJ Parker, now there is something they can do about it.

   Albers and Parker have developed the website,, which is a free resource anyone can use to gain conscious knowledge of their own thoughts, feelings and actions, and how they can influence outcomes.

   The site is packed with resources, which include seven lessons that will help people learn how to become more self-aware. Among the topics covered, how to identify the triggers that can set you off, how to determine the difference between one’s authentic and actor self, and the role environment plays in one’s awareness of self.

   The content is delivered through a series of engaging videos, which feature Albers and Parker deep in conversation about the steps in their own self-awareness journeys. Each lesson is accompanied by a downloadable workbook students can use to customize the lessons to their own particular situation. There is also a blog to read on the site, where Albers and Parker create a weekly podcast people can listen to that offer insight on topics such as managing relationships, the role a person’s sixth sense plays in their success, and the benefits of having a positive attitude. There is a “Conversations With” segment in which JJ and Melissa interview thought leaders about the topic of self-awareness. The first in the series was a 12-part interview with a former Buddhist monk.

   Another component of the program is a series of self-awareness tips places on LinkedIn. They cover such topics as how to prevent work burnout, how to get a raise, how to give feedback to a boss and how to prevent remote worker burnout.

   “We are just so committed to this idea of helping people understand themselves better because if you can understand yourself better, you’re able to be in your world easier. Everything is easier,” says Albers. “Our goal is to build a tribe of very well centered people who share the common goal of making the world a happier, more centered and more aware place.”

  “We are quite literally trying to create a way of being,” adds Parker.

   To learn more about The Self Awareness Journey, or take advantage of the free tools on the website, go to

About Melissa Albers

   Melissa is passionate about developing people’s self-awareness and ability to positively interact with others.  She focuses on the importance of building influence, and highlights the most important relationship we have is with self first.

   Albers speaks on leadership and self-awareness, and has shared the stage with John Maxwell (Leadership Author and Speaker), Lee Cockerell (Exec V.P. of Disney) and Les Brown (Motivational Speaker) to name a few.

   Her client work is done through The Authentic Leader, a leadership and organization development consulting company located in Minneapolis, Minn. The company focuses on executive coaching, strategic planning, leadership development, and teambuilding. While results are obviously important, Albers believes success is measured in quality relationships, maintaining a sense of humor (even in tough times), and authentic and honest feedback.  Melissa’s clients include family businesses, financial institutions, non-profits, and manufacturing.

About JJ Parker

   JJ Parker is a serial entrepreneur passionate about building creative strategy, efficient operations, and unique marketing perspectives. Parker got his start as a student at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and soon after launched his first company. Tightrope Media Systems is a software company whose products create, manage, schedule and play digital media on screens of all sizes in a variety of markets.

   Parker’s favorite activities outside of his CEO duties include creating new opportunities and companies around products and services that make life better. Always curious and interested in self-development and learning, his latest co-founded project, The Self Awareness Journey, helps everyone gain more conscious awareness about themselves to help improve all outcomes of their lives

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