(Carver County, MN) – Feeling stuck? Not sure what to do differently to get back your zest for life? If so, the time may have come to begin working with a life coach.

   A well-trained coach can help you set the right goals and stay motivated. He or she can empower you on matters having to do with your career and/or personal challenges.

   Life coaching is a career Jayne Kane of Carver County, Minn., feels she was born to pursue. “I have always loved helping people,” she said. “As early as high school, my friends would come to me with their problems. Apparently, I was a good listener and didn’t even know it.”

   These days, Kane hosts regular retreats for people who are looking for solutions with life issues. At each retreat, guests read through the 13 phrases written on cards Kane hands out at the beginning of the event, then work through the coaching questions and reflections in the book she wrote, “When the Lily Blooms: Reflections to Restore the Heart and Soul.”

   Among the statements on the cards: I desire to have peace in my heart, I don’t know what my purpose in life is, I want to have balance in my life, and I need to surrender myself to God. Each card goes along with a different section in Kane’s book, which is focused around four areas: silence, simplicity, solitude and surrender.

   Kane considers the retreat titled, “De-stress and Renewal,” to be her signature retreat. During the one-day retreat, women who have the need to step away from the stress of life and be restored are given the opportunity to reflect, rest and be pampered.

   “For-GIVE-ness” is focused on the intentional act of forgiveness towards others and yourself. “Elite Teachers” is a three-hour mini retreat held in the evenings for teachers who need a little help figuring out how to achieve work/life harmony. There is also a retreat titled “Your Design” for guests who want to understand why they love the things they love and what makes their hearts sing. “Care for the Caregiver” is a one-day retreat intended to encourage and empower professional care givers.

   “Sisters,” meantime, is all about strengthening relationships with your sisters, whether they are biological sisters, girlfriends, best friends or co-workers. “This retreat is for groups of women who want to strengthen their relationship with each other,” said Kane.

   Nancy Hartman of Jordan, Minn., recently attended the retreat with her sisters, Mary and Carol. “We got there in the morning and the house felt calm and relaxing,” she said. “We went in with no expectations at all and came out forever changed.”

   The first thing the sisters did was separate out into different areas of the home and note how things that have happened over the years have impacted them. They then built a story board highlighting the key events in their lives.

   “One of the most important things to come out of the retreat was when my sister, Mary, revealed something that happened to her none of us knew about,” said Hartman. “We didn’t know how to react, but Jayne took care of it.

   She enveloped Mary and took her aside and helped her deal with the issue while Carol and I just got to be her sisters. Afterwards, Mary said, ‘I just feel like a weight is off my shoulders.’ To experience that with my sister was amazing.”

   For all of the retreats she offers, Kane provides a safe, warm and relaxing place for people to be.

   She also provides each participant with a warm, cozy pair of socks, along with food and beverages throughout the day. At the end of the day each guest takes home with them new insight and perspective with practical tools and goals for the journey ahead.

   Kane’s book, “When the Lily Blooms: Reflections to Restore the Heart and Soul,” is used as part of the curriculum for each retreat, and all guests are given a personalized itinerary. “One of the reasons I decided the book needed to be written was because as a coach, I was finding I could not help people get past the stuck part until the felt need was met. That felt need is whatever the person feels is their greatest need at the time.

   Sometimes it’s pretty basic, like the need to be accepted or the need to be believed. Or maybe the need is to know somehow this will all work out,” said Kane.

   For more information, go to www.JayneKane.com. Copies of “When the Lily Blooms: Reflections to Restore the Heart and Soul” are available for purchase in hardcover and paperback from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. The hardcover retails for $26.95, the paperback for $16.95.

About the Author

   Jayne Kane became a life coach later in life. Her first career was working as a physical therapist assistant. She has been involved in women’s ministry for most of her adult life, and has over 25 years of experience conducting Bible studies and a passion for leading women

to a deeper relationship with God.

   Jane has two grown sons, who are both married, and one granddaughter. In addition to spending time with her family, she is also active in her church in Chaska, Minn. Jayne Kane makes her home in Carver County, Minn.


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