The Most Comprehensive and Precise Book Ever Written on the Topic to be Released in February 2020

By Rachel M. Anderson, Contributing Writer

(Minneapolis) - When it comes to success in business and in life, it’s not just what you know and who you know that matters. Minneapolis researcher and life coach Dr. Vanjelis Ngwa (Dr. Van) says it goes a lot deeper than that.

“Before you can make a positive impact on another human being, you must be the type of person other people want to be around,” he says. “To make that possible, you must have a good relationship with yourself first. Those who have good relationships with themselves put forth positive energy into the world and attract others to them.”

Dr. Van came to this conclusion while working with numerous clients from all walks of life, and doing research for his doctorate in leadership from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. He also discovered that the most effective kind of power is the power associated with relationships, otherwise known as Relational Power.

In his latest book, Solid Relationships: Everything You Need to Know About Building Great Relationships in All Aspects of Life, published in 2020, Dr. Van articulates that today’s understanding of networking, which is geared towards building effective relationships with others, has been vastly misunderstood. He shares stories about meeting powerful individuals like Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama and concludes that, “Networking is not merely about connecting with powerful people. In many cases, the people you need at certain stages of your journey do not have to be rich, famous, or even influential.”

He explains in his book, which is already a Best Seller on, how individuals can answer the three important questions that will provide them with a clear direction in life. These are as follows: what is my purpose, what is my gift, and how can I live without regrets? He also shares further insight and secrets on how individuals can transform themselves into the types of people who are happy with themselves, build great interpersonal relationships, and attract lucrative business and career opportunities.

Also covered are mentor, family and friend relationships, those of the romantic nature, and one’s relationship with the Divine. “When I look back at my own experiences, the themes I’ve seen with my clients and the research I’ve done, I have observed that having a relationship with the Divine gives one a powerful belief system that will transcended some of the limitations we experience on a regular basis,” says Dr. Van. “Become aware of the bright and dark sides of your humanity and learn to master both so you can live a meaningful life. The idea is not to ignore them, or to pretend that they do not exist, for doing so will stand in your way of building solid relationships.”

About the Author 

Dr. Vanjelis Ngwa (Dr. Van) can trace his interest in the power of relationships back to his youth. “Over time when my friends or family members would face problems, many people would come to me and say I have a way of listening and helping them come up with solutions to problems. So I asked myself how I could continue to fine tune what I believe is a natural aptitude,” he says.

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., Dr. Van continued his education there, earning a Master’s in International Leadership and a Doctorate in Leadership. He also has a certificate in Executive Coaching from the University of St. Thomas.

Since beginning his leadership consultancy in 2015, Dr. Van has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including J.C. Penney and Accenture where he has offered management training and leadership coaching services.

Dr. Van is also a twice published author. His first book, Power: Its Variants and Ambivalence, in which he articulates how leaders and individuals can leverage positive power to achieve their personal and professional goals, came out in 2019. It was followed in early 2020 by Solid Relationships: Everything You Need to Know About Building Great Relationships in All Aspects of Life, the most succinct, comprehensive and precise book ever written on relationships. Shortly after its release, it became a Best Seller on

Dr. Van offers one-on-one or group coaching sessions that can help people in the areas of leadership and building relationships. Learn more about his services at