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By Rachel M. Anderson, Contributing Writer

(St. Louis Park) – When life coach Jennifer Kern Collins of St. Louis Park thinks back to her youth, she does not have the fond memories of childhood many people do. While there were some good times, what stands out in the mix is the drama. 

“In my households there were personality disorders, addictions and multiple divorces,” she says. “Plus I moved around a lot. It was a pretty chaotic upbringing.”

Kern Collins was 16 back in the 1990s when her mother sent her to live with her father in another city. At the time, his work frequently kept him away from home. That combined with the importance of a consistent education led her to live with two different families during her junior and senior years of high school, so she would not have to change schools once again.

“I was a good kid but got the message that I wasn’t good enough,” says Kern Collins, who reflecting back on her childhood realizes her experiences influenced her thought patterns and beliefs in such a way they led to drama-oriented behaviors. “I had the inability to trust people, I became impulsive, had not so nice relationships with men, started using drugs, and I even became bulimic.”

Kern Collins blames her struggles during adolescence and young adulthood on unpredictability and the chaotic influences throughout her life. “People who have a lot of drama in their lives may not realize they are looking through the lens of the wounds of their past. They are operating off of outdated programs consisting of disempowering beliefs about themselves, and a world view that requires the constant reactivity of self protection,” she says.

In her new book, The Drama-Free Way: A Thought-Management Guide to Navigating Chaos and Thriving (Wise Ink, 2015, $16.95), Kern Collins begins with an explanation of what the drama paradigm is, shares how it has affected her, and then goes on to explain not necessarily how to avoid drama, but how to navigate it in effective ways.

“We all have the need for safety and security, love and connection, significance and value, variety and new experiences. Creating drama is the only way some people know how to go about getting these needs met, but I’m hoping my book will help them figure out there is an easier, more fun and more effective way,” says Kern Collins.

“What’s most important for readers to discover is that it’s the quality of the energy we bring to whatever we do that matters most when it comes to creating the lives we desire. You can’t do your best when your hungry or tired, compared to if your fed and rested. It’s the same with our thought-energy, and drama comes from a lower quality energy, whereas authentic thriving—fun, joy, success and pleasure—comes from the thoughts we hold at the positive end of the spectrum. We have to learn how to keep ourselves in the higher frequencies more consistently.”

In fact, there is a whole chapter designed to be a “cheat sheet” for navigating our internal thoughts in order to thrive authentically instead of thriving off drama. Each chapter ends with a section where readers are encouraged to record their thoughts on the topics being discussed.

Kern Collins says the idea is to get people to really think about how the drama in their lives is affecting them, their work and their relationships with others. “The drama in our external world is related to the drama in our own thoughts,” she explains. “Everything that’s in the outer world somehow matches what we’re believing about how life works.”

Reviewers say this book is for anyone who has the desire to take charge of their experience in life, enhance their well-being, and improve their relationships by way of managing their own thoughts and energy effectively in simple, user-friendly ways. It will be a pocket guide for anyone who is drama-prone or affected by drama, and who isn’t these days? The Drama-Free Way is written particularly for those who experience high emotional intensity and don’t know how to effectively direct that energy. People with co-dependent issues, those who have been affected by addiction, and those who have mental illness in their family will also find this book helpful.

“The Drama-Free Way brilliantly provides a blueprint for understanding the drama paradigm within ourselves and those around us. Jennifer Kern Collins provides masterful insight, perspective, and practical application, paving a path out of emotional destruction to a life of peace and deep fulfillment,” says Nova Wightman, Spiritual Alignment founder and Conversations with God coach.

“Jennifer Kern Collins has written a beautiful, thoughtful, and realistic guide to managing the drama inside your head. Her time-tested tools give readers clear ways to create a more peaceful, intentional life. When my inner drama queen comes out to play, I’m reaching for The Drama-Free Way,” says Jacquelyn B. Fletcher, author of Dear You: Messages from Your Heart

“This book has helped me realize I’m not the only one dealing with wounds in my life, and it has helped me understand that forgiving others is not necessarily giving them a gift; it is a gift to myself,” says Megan MacLaughlin-Barck of Chippewa Falls, Wisc.

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About the AuthorNew Jennifer Collins HS

Jennifer Kern Collins has been working in the helping professions for more than decade. She holds a Master of Science in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained by the Coaches Training Institute, the world’s largest in-person coach training school.

She has coached in the area of health and wellness for employees at the Hennepin County Government Center in Minnesota, worked as a health educator for Health Partners, and as a tobacco cessation counselor for the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center. She currently works as a life coach for Intrinsic SOULutions of Minneapolis, a company she founded in 2009. Her area of specialty is helping people figure out how to transform their thought patterns to effectively navigate the drama in their lives, and live authentically in alignment with their best self.

Jennifer Kern Collins, her husband and stepdaughter make their home in St. Louis Park.