Affies4Kids   Bowling Green, KY (Sept. 16, 2013) – One of the objectives of all PBS stations is to provide quality educational programming for preschool aged children. The majority of the PBS stations across the country do this by running network produced shows like Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Some stations do it by creating their own programming.

   Then there are stations like WKU PBS in Bowling Green, Ky., which go above and beyond. WKU PBS is the first station in the country to be invited to partner with Affies4Kids, a brand new Web-based parenting program that teaches young children solid character traits and the language of positive self talk in just five minutes a day.

   The program is the brainchild of Denver-area grandparents Mary and Tim Forsythe. “Our daily program becomes a simple habit to develop a positive inner voice. Children begin to think of themselves as good and capable. They learn to value themselves and to work well with others,” said Mary Forsythe.

   The Forsythes modeled the program after things they did with their own kids when they were young. “When our boys were little, I placed yellow sticky notes on our boys’ mirrors, and they developed the habit of saying affirmations in the mirror right after they brushed their teeth. Simple phrases like ‘I am good at taking turns’ or ‘I am a good friend’ or ‘I am helpful’ jump- started their character education,” said Mary Forsythe.

   “Going to the mirror and looking into their own eyes as children say their affirmations is the cornerstone of our parenting program,” added Tim Forsythe. 

   These days, the program the Forsythes have created goes way beyond just saying affirmations. The Affie team of credentialed educators have developed a series of lessons that young kids will take to heart with the help of a collection of lovable characters like Pajama Gramma, Wise Old Owl and Kissabell the Kitten. The characters star in a series of Affie stories that include I Am Good At Sharing, I Am Smart, I Am A Good Friend, and I Am Important. Young children learn through repetition and reinforcement so each story is told through a variety of media. 

   “Affies4Kids is very excited to team up with WKU PBS who will be offering viewers free access to songbook videos and audio-book videos for all four stories on its website, http://wkyu.,” said Mary Forsythe. “In fact, because Affies4Kids fully supports the benefits public television offers to all children, we will be donating $20 back to WKU PBS for every Affies4Kids subscription purchased through the WKU PBS website.”

   The annual subscriptions for the Affies4Kids programs are $40 for families and $80 for classrooms. “It is a great way to support WKU and children in the Bowling Green community,” added Forsythe.

   “Parents agree that public television is the best source of programs and services for children, yet there is a real need for services at the pre-school level and for those who home school. WKYU PBS is so glad that Affies4Kids is there to help us provide greater service for our viewers in South Central Kentucky,” said James Morgese, Director of Educational Telecommunications for WKU PBS.

   For more information about Affies4Kids, log on to To arrange an interview with Mary and Tim Forsythe and/or James Morgese, contact Rachel M. Anderson, Publicist, at 952-240-2513 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..