"I hired Rachel/RMA publicity to help get the word out about an expansion for our dog services business. I had written a basic press release but was feeling defeated when it came to getting it to local media outlets.  I reached out to Rachel with relatively short notice and she went to work right away.  She was able to line up all of the major local news stations to come out to our new facility! Additionally, one of these stations did extensive interviews and live shoots with us that aired for a whole day.  Finally, she lined up one of our areas largest newspaper publications to do a story on us which resulted in a front and back cover on a weekend publication. The service I got from Rachel, the coverage she lined up and the business she was able to help us generate far exceeded my expectations.  It is most definitely worth it to hire Rachel to help take the publicity for your business to the next level.  

- Sara Madrinich, Adventure is Barking, March 2024 

"Thank you. You are amazing! You worked your magic again!"
- Dana Voller, President, Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans in Minnesota, November 2023

"Thank you, Rachel, for your incredible work getting up this coverage. We appreciate your talent, ideas and tenacity greatly!" 
- Bloomington Veterans Memorial staff, November 2023

"Hi Rachel, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all you do in helping get our amazing stories picked up by the local media.  We all believe that best advertising is free, but you have to work to make it happen!  My sincere gratitude to you!"
- Tami Kozikowsk, Chief Executive Officer, The Waters, September 2023

"Thank you so mush for assisting WBCA this year with the WriteNow! High School Writing Content." 
- Kate Jackson, Outreach Manager, White Bear Center for the Arts, 2023  

“Thank you again for all of the PR work you did for 3,000 Act of Kindness.  I recognize that you went above and beyond in getting the word out through multiple stages and I have to imagine some of what you did was pro-bono.  Thank you.  Our event would not have been as successful as it was without everything you did to help drive interest, donations, volunteers, and media coverage.  At a couple different volunteer events, I recall asking individuals how they heard of the volunteer opportunity and there were multiple answers/sources, many of which were directly correlated to the media you secured. In addition, please know that the work you did ultimately helped our community and for that, we will forever be thankful. If you ever need a reference for similar work, I'd be more than happy to be a reference on your behalf.”
- Amy Cheney, Director, 3,000 Acts of Kindness - Jan. 2022

"You are such a story teller, Rachel. You are so good at that. I am just amazed at how you can tie everything together in a nutshell." 
- Liz Moscatelli, Executive Director, Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation (VHEDC)  - May 2021

"Rachel – you do such an amazing job.  Thank you for bring to life our Waters Communities. Your relationships and influence have given The Waters the edge on publicity for sure!! Way to go, and thank you."
- Heidi Elliott, Vice President of Operations, The Waters  - Feb. 2021

"Thank you so much for your efforts in making our event such a success. It was very well covered in the media, with the nice article in Pioneer Press and the great interview on Channel 5. We also had someone from Channel 5 and from Channel 11 come to our event.... The media coverage we got gave us a number of new visitors who came to see us yesterday! Many sincere thanks !!!"  
- Gina Popa, President and Arria Giulan, Vice President, Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans in Minnesota (HORA)

"Thank YOU so much for speaking to our group for WeMN! On behalf of the board, we greatly appreciate your time, talents, expertise, and knowledge that you brought to the group. It was so well received and we are grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. THANK YOU! I know that each person in that room took something away that they can use in their business. :) You provided excellent content, feedback, and guidance for our group and we appreciate it."
- Nikki Abramson, WeMN

"Thanks! You are doing great and have been so easy to work with!"
- Sarah Petty, Jack and the Box Photography

"The Facebook page looks terrific, I can’t stress enough how well you are doing there!" 
- Chris McLeod, Tuition Financing Consultant l TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc.

“Thanks for your hard work on the campaign. We are fortunate to have such a great crew and people like you!”
- Pamela Ross, Project Director, Phillips Eye Institute


"Thank you so much! The campaign was a great success. Thank you for all your hard work." 
- Belo Cipriani, Oleb Books 

"Thank you for your considerable expertise and assistance in  a number of matters requiring a professional publicist."
- Patrick Ledray, Attorney and Writer

" WOW.  I mean, WOW.  570 radio stations, potentially reaching 3 million listeners, for two full hours, all of whom are in tune with the subject matter.  Man, oh,  man.  We hit the jackpot tonight!  Thanks, Rachel, for your help.  This was fabulous." 
- Forrest Carr, author of Messages and A Journal of the Crazy Year 

"Rachel, you've been quite a find. I ran advertising/PR agencies for 25 years and would have LOVED to have someone as professional as you on my staff. Thank you so much for all your good work." 
- William Andrews, author, Daughters of the Dragon: A Comfort Woman's Story

"I like having you involved in my campaign. You serve as a good coach and encourager for me, as well as knowing publicity. That is a great combination of service to offer clients.... I appreciate all you have done and am thankful I found you!"
- Rob Severson, author, Achievers: Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things

"Just wanted to let you know how amazed I am at the opportunities you have given me and my Good Manners Guides, to reach so many teens and parents. A book signing in NYC!  Thank you very much." 
- Wynne Dalley, author, Be Cool & Confident: A Guide for Girls and Be Cool & Confident: A Guide for Guys 

"Hiring Rachel to assist me in marketing my second book, Sundogs A to Z, was a very good move on my part. She has many contacts in all the right places, and works tirelessly on projects. She booked 5 Barnes and Noble story times for me, and got the Animal Humane Society's attention so that I met the right person to talk to there. I highly recommend Rachel if you need publicity, I feel she went over and above in her work for me."
- Kay Elliott, author, Sundogs A to Z

"I could never have broken into Barnes and Noble without your help and now that I have a toe-hold, I want to leverage it as much as possible. You put me on the inside, and I am not going to forget it." 
- John J. Hohn, author, Breached and Deadly Portfolio

"I am really, really happy with your work. Thank you very much! You're doing a great job!" 
- Daniel Hertz, author, Everything Is a Little Bit Alright – yoga, meditation, and a dog named Roy

“I just completed my first read-through of the press kit. I really like it! Thanks so much! I can see that this press kit is going to be an amazing marketing tool!”
- Mark Ristau, author, A Hero Dreams

"Thanks for your work on my behalf. I do appreciate your skill and expertise!"
- Laurie Rossin, author, Danny's Boy

"Rachel, Thank you for your exceptional service and work... I am so grateful and impressed!" 
- Wendy Muhlhauser, aka SissyMarySue, author, Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope

"Thanks Rachel for all your hard work. I appreciate all you do!" 
- Dan Maurer, author, Faraway: A Suburban Boy's Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking & Sobriety: A Graphic Novel 

"Thank you for helping make my dream come true!"
- Sherry Lynn Harris, author, Adapting to Alzheimers: Support for When Your Parent Becomes Your Child 

"You have done such a remarkable job blanketing the state with our name. Thank you!"
- Jeffrey Smith, author, Mesabi Pioneers 

"WOW! What a great campaign! You opened a whole new world for me with the radio interviews. 
- Mary Linda Sather, author, Boo Boo Bear's Mission The True Story of a Teddy Bear's Adventures in Iraq 

"Thanks for your good work! Couldn't have made it into the paper without you."
- Brigitte Husaby, author, Happy Birthday, Pepe! 

"This is big... thank you, thank you. Great work."
- Jeff Eyrich, Tell Me Press 

"When people ask me if hiring you pays off, I say this: 'Although I can't promise your customer will get an initial bump in sales that can be immediately attributed to your work, there are many immediate legitimatizing effects from your articles and many long range benefits. For us your articles have resulted in speaking engagements for me, which result in book sales at the event and future book sales over a long period of time. I know this for sure.'"
- Gordon Fredrickson, author, A Farm Country Harvest 

"Rachel- thank you for this! It was really fun being on Live Wire through Access Sacramento. They were all wonderful pros. I even got to do a reading."
- Kathryn Mattingly, author, Benjamin & Fractured Hearts  

"Rachel! You are THE BEST publicist anybody could possibly ask for!! I am trying to get everything organized...have a lot of emails pouring in with speaking and writing opportunities! Big thanks to you!"
- Amber Leone Murphy, author, Crushing Codependency
"Rachel, you are amazing.  Thank you! "
- Lisa Nielsen, Tell Me Press 

"Thank you for lining it up for me! It was an excellent article.
- Kim Murphy, author, I Had Rather Die: Rape in the Civil War

"Oh awesome – thank you! I truly appreciate all that you do."
- J.J. DiGeronimo, author The Working Woman's GPS: When the Plan to Have it All Has Led You Astray!

"Thanks for all your hard work on my behalf!"
- Polly Norman, author, Dances Through Glass

"You've done an outstanding job on the Superior/Duluth PR. I hope I can live up to your billing in these stories."
- Craig MacIntosh, author, The Last Lightning

"Sometimes, you hit a homerun out of the gate (as I did with my first book, "Scratch Beginnings"), and sometimes you need to push through and find your own momentum (as it happened with this newest book, "One Year Lived"). Rachel found that momentum for me. Once she booked those first few interviews, the floodgates blew open and my schedule filled up with opportunities to do what I love to do: get on the phone and in front of the camera to inspire people to take action."
-Adam Shepard, author, One Year Lived 

"Rachel- Thanks to you for setting this up! KMOX is hitting the big time and that would not have been possible without you. You have been an immense help to me and I am so very grateful!!!!!" 
- Shirley Gentles, author, Are You Feeding Me Poison?

" I want to say thanks for your help so far.  Over the last month, I've sold 9 books on the Kindle when my monthly average has been 1.  That's a 900% increase!  More importantly, I had a woman reach out to me who read my book whose boyfriend is going to have a living donor liver transplant on 4/30.  I could feel the genuine appreciation in her email thanking me for writing my story.  That's worth more to me than any book sales."
- Dan Bonner, author, Gifted: An Extraordinary Journey Through Illness and Liver Transplant
"The article you wrote for us ran on the front page of the paper with a color photo. Looks great! Thank you!" 
- Patrick Ledray, author, The Dragon in the Christmas Tree

"I think you are doing an excellent job, and am really impressed with the coverage so far! I am meeting with an agent who handles speaking engagement bookings and will be using the media coveage to help set up speaking appearances. Things are starting to move. Thank you so much for such fantastic results!"
- Tristan Chremack, author, What the Bully Doesn't Want You to Know: A Streetwise Guide to Your Bully Problem

"Simply brilliant! Thanks for your efforts as more people now know about what Assistance League does in the community... We are all so pleased by what you accomplished with our campaign." 
- Betty Bullion, Assistance League of Minneapolis/St. Paul 

"What a terrific front page spread. That's a wonderful job you did. I'm so impressed with it. It's just terrific."
- Bob Wolfe, author, A Drop of Life in the Sea of Time

"Rachel Anderson does publicity with zest, sincerity and heart. She tailors each campaign to the specific author and book -- no cookie-cutter approach from RMA Publicity! Her outreach is second to none, and she follows through on all her approaches to the media. If you want your book to get off the ground and fly, call Rachel. She's smart, creative, professional, efficient, and fun to work with. And she always informs you about what's going on. Plus, the outstanding press kits she prepares are the best I've ever seen."
- Lilian Duval, author, You Never Know

"Thank you for the pictures. They are beautiful and will come in handy." 
- Evelyn Klein, author, Seasons of Desire

"RMA Publicity has been handling the publicity and marketing for my children's book, Boo Boo Bear's Mission The True Story of a Teddy Bear's Adventures in Iraq, since it was published in June of 2009. Rachel's skilled pitching has led to scores of media placements locally, regionally, and nationally. On many occasions she has used her knowledge and skills to parlay one placement in a geographic area into several. This has resulted in greater exposure for my book as well as made it possible to take full advantage of a single trip."

- M.L. Sather, author, Boo Boo Bear’s Mission

"Nice job featuring my book launch at the Bakken Museum in your February newsletter. It was a great event -- made even more so by the 3 TV spots you lined up for me in anticipation of that day. Thanks for making it such a success!"

-Doug Cornelius, author, Good News - I Failed: A Story of Inventing in Minnesota

"Excellent draft Rachel! My feelings about the memorial went from my heart to words on paper."
- Gary Magnani, American Legion Sonoma, CA Post 489 

"Rachel gets things done, fast and in a big way!  We had immediate results.  Inquiries about COR are flooding in!"
- Michelle Goldberger, Program Director, COR Retreat: A Food Recovery Program

“Careful what you ask for ... Rachel at RMA Publicity will deliver! I engaged Rachel to help me get some publicity for my community outreach campaign, and my video zCoach™ (Job hunt coaching system). Within 2 weeks of our meeting, I was on TV being interviewed by Alix Kendall on Fox 9 Morning News in MN! That interview resulted in 38 additional people showing up to a job transition workshop I was doing later that day. WOW! Rachel will get it done.”
- Catherine Byers Breet, Career Coach

"I can truly say that Rachel is the best.  We have worked as a team and she has been so thorough.  Her love of helping publicize author's works is wonderful and essential.  Recently  a North San Diego county newspaper carried a generous article and photo about my book and me. This came from Rachel's efforts."
- Christine Renhard Stenstrom, author, Cherry Blossom Trees Literary Writings and Artworks

"Nice work securing this TV appearance!"
- John Huston, author, FORWARD The First American Unsupported Expedition to the North Pole

"Thanks again for a job well done. I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into helping me sell this book."

- Sondra Goodkind, author, Empowering Children to Save the Wildlife of Africa

“Rachel was instrumental and highly successful in helping us market our book to various media outlets. She knows the industry very well and was able to put together a media kit that brought great results. Her attention to detail and follow-through was always on time and thorough. We couldn't have achieved the media exposure without her. I highly recommend her!”
- Katie DeCosse, author, Fifty Years in 13 Days
"You are very good. And...you do cross the t's and dot the i's to get the thing right. Very professional.  I like that...especially in this day and age."
- Craig MacIntosh, author, The Fortunate Orphans

“Thank you for all your hard work. You were thoughtful, professional and made it fun.”  
- Suzanne Ruff, author, The Reluctant Donor

”I am very impressed with how well written the press release is!! The knowledge you put into was great. Thanks!”
- Cathie Hill, author, Financial Reward Making it on Minimum Wage

“Thank you for getting me onto FOX 9 yesterday. 2 shows in 1 day! I enjoy doing that and appreciate your continuing to open doors for me.”
- Gregg Proteaux, author, Attitudes at Every Altitude

 “I think you make me look like a real pro!  Thanks!”
-Emrys Current, author, Looking for Lucy

“It looks great! I'm impressed with your work!”
- Marilyn Jax, author, Road to Omalos and The Find

“Great feature article Wow, you really know how to encapsule a difficult story! I'm so impressed with the work you've put into this release.  Thanks so much.”
– Eileen Biernat, author, Stalking Mary

"Great work Rachel – we look forward to some of the other feedback!"
- Dara Beevas, Beaver's Pond Press

"Rachel is such a pleasure to work with; I greatly appreciate her communication and organizational skills. She really understands the book business and marketing authors. She has done a terific job recommending authors for my store that the customers really enjoy."
- Renee Waclaw, Store Manager at Barnes & Noble Apple Valley, Minn.
“Good work on pulling so much media together so quickly.”
- Kelly Lucente, owner Bye Bye Shop, Eden Prairie Center, Minn.

“Thank you for your service in preparing a press release on our book. Job well done!
– John Cochran, author, Exploring Boca Grande

 “Rachel, You’ve done really excellent work! Let's hope the exposure and positive response continues to grow!” 
- Ryan Skinner, author, Sidikiba’s Kora Lesson

“Thanks for all your work! It's a pleasure working with someone who 'gets it'.”
- Sharon Thatcher, author, On the Laser’s Edge

“Thanks for sending along the article. You are a really good writer. We might be able to use the article in the August issue of the paper, since it's our biggest issue (State Fair edition).”
- Scott Noble, Editor, Minnesota Christian Chronicle

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